Relax and immerse yourself in sentimental travel

The architecture is unconventional, incorporating modern elements in a traditional design.
For one night of your journey, enjoy modernism in Sukiya-style surroundings.

KOHRO’s famous Japanese cypress baths

Yasurai no Yu [Gentlemen’s Bath]Japanese cypress baths

Our all-cypress bathtub is larger than any other all-wooden bathtub in Kyoto.
This carefully designed bathtub is made with natural materials such as granite, blue stone, bamboo, and modern ceramic tiles.
Although the bathroom itself is not very large, we dare say it is one of the most outstanding baths among all ryokans in downtown Kyoto.

Nukumori no Yu [Ladies’ Bath]Japanese cypress baths

The ladies’ bath is also made of Japanese cypress just like the gentlemen’s bath, but the interior is made brighter and more modern using mainly ceramic tiles.
The floor is made of natural blue stone, which is also used for garden stones and more.

16:00 – 24:00, 6:30 – 8:30
Body wash, soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided in the bathing area.
Bath towels and face towels are provided in each guest room.

Note: The communal baths are not available for private use.

Banquet hall

Great Hall

The great hall can be divided with partitions.
When all 67 tatami are used in the great hall, the space can accommodate up to 100 people.
Chair seating is also available.

  • Great Hall
  • Great Hall
Komorebi no MaKomorebi no Ma
This room can hold about 20 to 30 people.
It is as large as 22 tatami, and uses chair seating. The capacity of chair seating is 22 people.
The capacity for each long table is up to 6 people.
Private Banquet RoomPrivate Banquet Room
These Japanese-style rooms range from 10 to 16 tatami in size. Chair seating can be used as well.
It is also recommended for special occasions such as memorial service lunches/dinners.


Our lobby is full of modern design elements.
The Kannon Bosatsu statue in the lobby was created by the late Horin Matsuhisa, who was a master sculptor of Buddhist statues at Shitenno-ji Temple.

Kyoto CuisineTOKINO NIWA restaurant

The restaurant is located on the first floor of Ryokan KOHRO.
Enjoy our unique Japanese-style architecture and Kyoto cuisine made with seasonal ingredients.
Creative Kyoto cuisine is offered for lunch at reasonable prices.
For dinner, we serve authentic Kyo-kaiseki cuisine.
We have comfortable chair seating in a tatami room, so that elderly people can dine at ease.
It’s a perfect place for family gatherings, celebrations, memorial service lunches/dinners, and reunion parties. Young patrons are also welcome.


To dine at TOKINO NIWA, a reservation is required at least one day in advance.
Please make a reservation over the phone. Thank you.