Here are some reasons why guests love our hotel.

The hotel is located in the center of Kyoto, within walking distance of the entertainment district.
We serve a variety of mouthwatering cuisine, including delicious Kyo-kaiseki—Japanese-style full-course dinners—prepared with special attention to quality ingredients and tableware.
Both dinner and breakfast will be served in your room, and the tubs in our communal baths are made entirely of cypress.
Our uncompromising passion for design is reflected in every detail—from the hotel exterior to the lobby and guest rooms.

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Point1Located in the centre of the city of Kyoto,
an within walking distance of the entertainment district

KOHRO is situated in the very heart of the centre of Kyoto, in the city's "historic downtown".
There are many popular stores and hot shopping locations in the neighbourhood. Nishiki Market, the "kitchen" of Kyoto, and Shinkyogoku, a street full of souvenir shops, are also very close to our hotel.
In addition, you can walk to Shijo Kawaramachi, the city's number one shopping district, and Gion.
Blessed with convenient transportation, the hotel is perfect for visiting surrounding tourist areas.

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Point2Enjoy delicious Kyo-kaiseki:
the ingredients, the fine crockery and the rich variety of dishes

After all is said and done, the real pride of our hotel has to be our cuisine.
We particularly recommend our kaiseki cuisine (traditional meals served in courses).
We are confident that you will find our excellent cuisine and reasonable prices highly to your satisfaction.

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Point3Both dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.

You can take both breakfast and dinner in your room.
Enjoy your meal in privacy with your partner, family and friends.
* Meals for guests in groups are served in a separate private room.

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Point4All bathtubs in the bathhouse are made of cypress

Our all-cypress bathtub is larger than any other all-wooden bath tub in Kyoto.
The bathhouse itself is not very large, but you will still be able to enjoy Japanese bath culture to the full.

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Point5Our commitment to design can be seen in the exterior,
the lobby, the guest rooms...

Located in the ancient capital Kyoto, "KOHRO" came into being as a hotel which would convey the spirit of 1,000 years of history.
The concrete and tile exterior stands out even in Kyoto, and the building makes excellent use of the traditional Sukiya style in new forms.
For one night of your journey, enjoy modernism in Sukiya-style surroundings.

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