Our rich menu makes excellent use of a wide variety of ingredients

After all is said and done, the real pride of our hotel has to be our cuisine.
We particularly recommend our traditional kaiseki menu for a superior Japanese cuisine experience.
Our nabe hot pot cuisine and shabu shabu of thinly sliced Murasawa beef are also popular plans. (With nabe and shabu shabu, you get to cook your own food at your table.)

Both dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.

You can take your time over dinner in the privacy of your own room.
* Meals for guests in groups are served in a separate private room.


A video introducing the meals served at our hotels

A quest for fine flavours

I showcase choice ingredients in their best possible form and I seek to bring out the flavours and the beauty of the ingredients.

Head chef Kazuhiro Asada
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Kaiseki cuisine

"We are confident that you will be satisfied with the excellent food at a reasonable price.
We are confident that you will find our excellent traditional Japanese cuisine and reasonable prices highly to your satisfaction.
We hope you will take the opportunity to try our kaiseki cuisine."

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  • Kaiseki cuisine image
  • Kaiseki cuisine image
  • Kaiseki cuisine image
  • Kaiseki cuisine image
  • Kaiseki cuisine image
Ogi KaisekiKaiseki dinner prepared with specially selected luxury ingredients

A new course which adds more delicacies to our renowned kaiseki cuisine.

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MaiKyo-kaiseki gourmet dinner

Under this plan, the guests can enjoy authentic kaiseki—a Japanese-style full-course dinner—at reasonable price.

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TsuzumiCasual Kyo-kaiseki dinner

A kaiseki course that can be enjoyed without having to go to a classy, formal restaurant.

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Nabe cuisine

KOHRO's okisuki nabe cuisine (hot pot meals cooked in our own special stock) and classic sukiyaki of thinly sliced Japanese Black Wagyu beef cooked in a sweet soup are both extremely popular.
With both types of cuisine, you get to cook your own food at your table. Our shabu shabu of thinly sliced Murasawa A5-rank beef is a another very popular plan which lets you cook at your table.

Shabu-shabu image
Shio Shabu ShabuShabu-shabu
with Japan-bred beef and pork

We have created an original soup which blends Andes rock salt with a traditional Kyoto stock.

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KOHRO Nabe image
KOHRO NabeKOHRO hot pot made with our special stock

Our specialty stock nabe is full of gifts from the sea and the mountains.
Our original tsumire (meat balls) are very popular.

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Premium Sukiyaki image
Premium SukiyakiSukiyaki of Japanese Black Wagyu.

The Wagyu beef has a meat quality rank evaluation of A4.

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Shabu Shabu Murasawa Beef image
Shabu ShabuMurasawa Beef

Enjoy Murasawa beef, a brand of wagyu from Shinshu, Nagano, in our sukiyaki and shabu shabu.

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Murasawa beef
What is Murasawa beef?
Murasawa cattle are carefully raised in Nagano Prefecture by Mr. Isao Murasawa.
The beef is named after him, something which is rare brand wagyu.
Enjoy beef which is certified as "A5" (the highest quality) by the Japan Meat Grading Association and supplied exclusively to Kyoto.

Special order menu

Mochi Shabu Shabu (dessert)
Mochi Shabu Shabu (dessert)
1,000 yen
Kyoto-Style Assorted Pickles
Kyoto-Style Assorted Pickles
1,000 yen
  • Sushi (5 pieces)1,500 yen 
  • Assortment of Simmered Kyoto Vegetables2,500 yen 
  • Whole grilled sea breamStarting at 10,000 yen
  • * All exclusive of tax.

Kyo-Yudofu Breakfast

Hirano Tofu
Mr. Hirano supplies tofu to many long-established ryokans in Kyoto.
Deep-fried tofu, said to have been a favourite of famous artist and gourmet Rosanjin Kitaoji, is very also popular.
Enjoy the firm texture of momendofu and the natural flavour of soy beans raised using Kyoto's excellent ground water, all with KOHRO's special sauce.
Hirano Tofu image
Standard breakfast
Standard breakfast image
The Special Choice Breakfast
Standard breakfast image
An upgraded breakfast is also available.
The menu is very popular with guests who plan to eat dinner elsewhere but want to have a hearty breakfast at the hotel.
The Special Choice Breakfast comes with "Kyoto no Obanzai" (Kyoto-style home-cooked dishes), original "yuzu-flavoured miso bream chazuke" and "grilled deep-fried tofu".